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Celestial Safari: Namibia

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NAMIBIA is famous for its clear, dark skies, its stunning landscapes, its prehistoric rock art, and the Hoba meteorite — the largest in the world. Stay in first-class accommodations. Enjoy private game drives and see elephants, giraffes, lions, cheetahs, and rhinoceros. Celebrate crossing the Tropic of Capricorn. Sea kayak with seals. Climb the world's highest sand dunes. Observe the Milky Way at our private observatory. Dr. Ed Krupp, Director, Griffith Observatory, will be with us to share his insights into the rare rock art we will visit and conduct nightly tours of the southern sky. Dr. Krupp is an engaging and lively traveling companion with encyclopedic knowledge of archaeoastronomy to share with us.

We will also be accompanied by experienced local guides for our entire Celestial Safari.

Cost: $5,735 land only, double occupancy


For the complete itinerary and to register for the trip, please click here.


For additional information, please contact Janet Marott at or call (213) 473-0807.


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