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Her smoky, sultry voice familiar to radio listeners across the Southland, Cynthia Fox is as passionate about the Griffith Observatory as she is about her station’s rock format.
"Since I grew up in Los of my fondest memories is a school field trip to the Griffith Observatory! It really makes a profound impact on a child's when I became a mom-I made sure I took my daughters to the Observatory. I wanted them to be excited about science and curious about the universe..but I also wanted them to know the treasures of their city-and the Observatory is such a treasure."

Those memories recently motivated her to support FOTO’s school bus program, which provides funding for field trip transportation otherwise unaffordable to many schools. "I was so glad to hear that FOTO has made it their mission to enable schools dealing with budget cutbacks to continue their field trips to the Griffith Observatory! That 's why I made a contribution. We've got to do everything we can to keep our students excited about learning....and also excited about science, since I have learned that American students are falling behind in science. Griffith Observatory is the kind of place that does indeed continue to ignite a passion  for science and exploration!"

In a career that allows her to rub elbows with the likes of Rock heavyweights Danny Elfman, Sting, Tom Petty and Don Henley, Fox’s passion for Griffith still carries over into her work. While she hosts a music shift mid-days Monday through Friday, Sunday mornings from 6 to 7 a.m. find her and co-host Nelkane Benton highlighting non-profit organizations in “Spotlight on the Community.” She’s featured the Observatory in interviews with its director Ed Krupp and super-benefactor Leonard Nimoy.
“I think that’s the kind of thing, when people are invited into the experience by other people who are enthusiastic, that can [reveal] a new world. The Observatory is a true gift, an incredible resource in the city, one I hope more people will take advantage of­and whatever gets them excited about going up there is a great connection.”
Fox herself still makes time to visit.
“I like just being there, in such a beautiful setting, with its beautiful building, with the resources inside to open up the whole universe. When kids grow up knowing what’s available in the city, you know they’re going to have a life-long bonding experience with the Observatory. They grow up, remember that, come back with their kids and you’ve started a relationship.”

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