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Show your support for the world’s premier public observatory with a contribution to Friends Of The Observatory (FOTO), the membership organization that supports Griffith Observatory. Since 1978 FOTO has worked to extend the scope and reach of the Observatory’s programs, facilities and exhibits. We are making a difference in young minds everywhereInspiring the Future, One Imagination at a Time.

Donations can be made securely on-line, or via telephone with our FOTO staff members at 213-473-0879. Donations are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law. Contributing is easy. Simply choose the way you would like to help:
Events and Registration
2020-01-27: Cosmic Musings 2020-01-27 - Decade - Dr. Danly
2020-02-01: Public Star Party 2020-02-01
2020-02-07: All Space Considered 2020-02-07
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