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FOTO Members Only! Reserve Samuel Oschin Planetarium Tickets

FOTO Members Only! Reserve Samuel Oschin Planetarium Tickets

Stellar Evolution
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You must make your Samuel Oschin Planetarium show reservation requests AT LEAST 72 hours in advance of your requested show time.

IMPORTANT: An email confirmation of your show reservation may take up to three (3) business days. Please allow enough time to receive your confirmation. You must bring your confirmation email with you to Griffith Observatory to secure your parking AND to redeem your tickets at Griffith Observatory's Center of Gravity FOTO desk.


If you are not yet a member and would like to be, please Join Now and complete the FOTO member application. Click here to join FOTO now.

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Decide which show you would like to see...

CIU - Centered in the Universe

Our inaugural program exploring our advancements in understanding our universe.

Appropriate for ages 5 and older


LTV - Light of the Valkyries

Light of the Valkyries takes us on a voyage of Viking cosmology and explores the true nature of the aurora borealis - the northern lights.


WIL - Water is Life

A new program for younger audiences, but informative and enjoyable for all ages, which explores the search for water on other worlds. This is the only show to which children under 5 are admitted and only to the first show of the day.


TU- Time's Up

Does the Maya calendar really forecast the end of the world later this year? Griffith Observatory's provocative new live planetarium show looks at what's really in store for planet Earth on December 21, 2012, and immerses the audience in the flow of time - from the Big Bang to the ultimate future of the cosmos.

Reservation Date and Show Time Requested: *


  • Please plan to schedule your Samuel Oschin Planetarium show ticket time at least 90 minutes after you arrive at Griffith Observatory.
  • Show tickets must be paid for and picked up no later than 45 minutes before show time.
  • Tickets unclaimed 30 minutes prior to show time will be released for general sale.
  • You may bring a total of 8 people to each planetarium show using your FOTO membership.

Number of tickets requested: *

(max of 8 total)

Adult Tickets (age 13 - 59) - $5.00 per person (FOTO members get $2.00 off the regular price of $7.00!)

Child Tickets (age 5 - 12) - $3.00 per person

Senior Tickets (age 60 and above) - $5.00 per person

Number of vehicles requiring parking: *

NOTE: The audio and visual programming of Centered in the Universe is not suitable for children 4 years and under.


To ensure a satisfying experience for all, children 4 years and under will ONLY be admitted to Water is Life:

  • Tuesday - Friday 12:45 p.m.
  • Saturday and Sunday 10:45 a.m.


Children 4 years and under will be admitted free of charge, but they must sit on the lap of a parent or guardian.

Send Ticket Reservations Now

Note: It you are having difficulties, please contact FOTO at 213-473-0879, Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. or email

Events and Registration
2014-05-02: All Space Considered 2014-05-02
2014-05-03: Public Star Party 2014-05-03
2014-05-12: Stellar Evolution
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