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The Hole in the Universe - Signed by author K. C. Cole

The Hole in the Universe - Signed by author K. C. Cole


Hardback with dust jacket, new. The more we know about Nothing, the more enticing and bizarre the universe becomes, especially in the hands of bestselling author K. C. Cole. Welcome to the world of cutting-edge math, physics, and neuroscience, where the search for the ultimate vacuum, the point of nothingness, ground zero of theory, has rendered the universe deep, rich, and juicy. "Modern physics has animated the void," says K. C. Cole in her entrancing journey into the heart of Nothing. Cole's exploration at the edge of everything is as animated and exciting as the void itself.

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Dava Sobel

An extraordinary book. K.C. Cole is our ambassador to the realms of the exceedingly strange, inside the atom and outside the known universe. She is a practical philosopher with the singular ability to graze eleven dimensions of esoteric material, find the connections among them, and see the humor in it all.

— (Dava Sobel, author of Longitude and Galileo's Daughter)


Brian Greene

With grace, humor, and abundant skill, K.C. Cole takes the reader on a grand and lively tour of modern physics--from cosmology, to particle physics, to string theory--and shows how all roads ultimately lead to the same question: what is "nothing"? The Hole in the Universe is a compelling, enjoyable, and widely accessible exploration of what may well be the most fundamental scientific issue of our age.

— (Brian Greene, author of The Elegant Universe)


$35.00 (plus shipping and sales tax in CA only)

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