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Want More Help? How To Choose The Most Useful Astronomy Programs, Clubs, Maps, Web Sites, Reference Materials, Binoculars And Telescopes.


Astronomy Programs in the Los Angeles Area


Of course you can come to Griffith Observatory’s All Space Considered and FOTO’s Cosmic Musings lectures . For more local programs a list of local space events is maintained at Santa Monica College’s John Dresher Planetarium Web site. Go to the site then click on Local Space Events. Laura Woodard Eklund of the Mt. Wilson Observatory Association maintains a list of "Events of Interest to Astronomy Lovers in Greater Los Angeles" at Mt. Wilson Observatory: Events in Los Angeles.


Astronomy Reference Materials and Websites


Once again, the John Drescher Planetarium is there when you need it with an excellent list of books, periodicals, and software. Go to the site and then click on Astro-Books.


Other great resources on the Web:

Click here for Amazing Information and Projects from NASA 

Click here for Suggested Links from Griffith Observatory

Click here for John Drescher Planetarium Astro-links



Astronomy Clubs


Observatory during one of the FREE monthly Star Parties to meet with local amateur astronomers from the Los Angeles Astronomical Society and the Los Angeles Sidewalk Astronomers, look through their telescopes, and ask questions. Click here to check our calendar of events for the dates for the LAAS Star Parties.


Griffith Observatory maintains a complete list of local astronomy clubs.


Binoculars and Telescopes


Ready for a little hands-on? Virtual telescopes are amazing (see “Turn Your Computer into a Telescope by clicking here), but you can enjoy the night sky in person. Ready to invest in some optics?


When you are ready to consider your first (or your next) purchase you should definitely take advantage of all the generous help out there. It is easy to spend a little or a lot of money on something that you will never use. But with a little investment of time, sky-watching could become your next favorite hobby.


There are numerous reputable dealers and manufacturers who want to make sure you are satisfied with each purchase so that you become a loyal customer. To that end many of them offer great primers on selecting binoculars and telescopes. Think that binoculars are for the birds, or for sports? Think again. Most amateur astronomers are never far from their binoculars and know that they can be a lot of fun, very versatile, and extremely user friendly.


Try these Web sites for ideas on selecting binoculars and telescopes. But always keep in mind that not everything that comes from either a reputable dealer or a reputable manufacturer may be right for you. In the end, only you can decide what fits.



Armed with a little knowledge you can spend some time with some local astronomers at star parties and test a few out instruments. Then, once you’ve made your selection, get some guidance on use.


Griffith Observatory Star Parties                List of local astronomy clubs  


   Los Angeles Astronomical Society          Los Angeles Sidewalk Astronomers
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