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Trip to see the Northern Lights in Iceland

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Friends Of The Observatory has arranged a private tour to see and photograph the breath-taking displays of the northern lights in Iceland.  Seeing the northern lights is a rare event for those of us who live in California and I would like to invite you to join us.


We are going to Iceland this fall, November 6 through 12.  Located in the middle of the auroral zone, where the northern lights are most frequently seen, Iceland is one of the premier locations in the world for witnessing this exquisite and dramatic natural phenomenon.


Making this trip even more exciting and inspiring, Dr. Ed Krupp, Director of Griffith Observatory, is joining us.  Those who have traveled with him before know he is an informed, energetic, and engaging traveling companion with an encyclopedic knowledge of ancient astronomy, including the mythology of the northern lights, ancient Viking cosmology, and Icelandic folklore and legend.  Of course, he also will be explaining our scientific understanding of the aurora and related astronomy.


I cannot imagine a more exciting travel opportunity.  Iceland is a compelling destination, one of the most beautiful countries on Earth, with exotic natural wonders, primeval landscapes, picturesque scenery, and appealing cities and towns.  Though the recent eruptions of Eyjafjallajökull volcano have disrupted many European flights, the volcano will have no effect on our access to and enjoyment of Iceland.  In fact, a view of Eyjafjallajökull is part of our itinerary.


The volcano’s activity has not interfered with Iceland’s auroral displays, and recent photographs taken of the northern lights over the volcano are stunning.  I’ve include one at the end of this letter.


Clicking on this link will take you to an overview of the trip and a complete day-by-day itinerary: Northern Lights in Iceland


If you have any questions, want more information, or decide to join us for this rare opportunity to hunt for the northern lights, volcanoes, and Viking myth in the land of ice and fire, please let Ann Hassett know immediately, this is a small group tour and it is selling out quickly.


Again let me thank you for your support of Griffith Observatory and Friends Of The Observatory.  I look forward to seeing you in the near future.


Let’s meet in Reykjavik! 




Camille Lombardo

Executive Director


Eyjafjallajökull volcano and the northern lights



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